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What is The RDA System?

Group of Friends

Our Vision

Our goal is to build a lasting LEGACY of health and wellness that IMPACTS the globe.

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What is The RDA System
Results. Drivers. Actions.

The RDA System is a critical thinking process that allows you to take any goal in any area of life and apply a framework to it so you can better understand your own motivations AND create an effective and realistic strategy for achieving them. 

Results - These are the goals. The Motivator. The Visions. 

Drivers - These are the reasons "why" you want to achieve these goals. They provide the real motivation when the going gets tough.

Actions - Without action, goals are dreams. The actions are the things that actually get you there. where the rubber meets the road.

We run every aspect of the RDA System through the RDA process to make sure we're always moving in the right direction. 

It can be applied to the smallest of goals to the largest. 

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We will give EVERYONE the tools they need to become the greatest versions of themselves.

The compounding effect of a healthy, resilient body and a strong mindset means this will effect all area's of life. Physical, Mental, Personal and Professional. 

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As coaches with over 20 years of combined experience, we know the power of REAL effective training and it's effects on peoples lives and wellbeing. We're driven by the fact that we have seen time and time again how POWERFUL this process can be on both an individual and a large scale, we want to deliver it to the world!

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We are building the ultimate resource. Any app can give you a "Workout". 

We are providing so much more. 

An ever growing and evolving platform giving you access to fully phased programs (that can be done with either a full gym OR with minimal equipment at home) that are specific to your goals, resources that assist your mindset, nutrition and lifestyle and a community that allows you to chat with like minded people!

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