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Our Mission

Join Our Mission to Revolutionize Personal, Group and Corporate Online Fitness and Wellness!

We invite you to be part of this exciting journey. Together, we can create a positive change that will redefine the way wellness is approached in the workplace. Are you ready to join forces with us? Let's make a lasting impact and pave the way for a healthier and happier, stronger, more fulfilled Life.

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Harnessing Over 20 Years of Fitness Expertise, Jack and Josh Ignite Positive Change.

Drawing upon their extensive experience working with individuals and their fitness journeys, Jack and Josh were inspired to channel their knowledge and skills into making a profound impact on the world. They firmly believed that everyone could unlock the benefits of regular exercise, provided they had access to the right system.

Driven by this vision, Jack and Josh conducted extensive research and engaged in thoughtful deliberation. Their unwavering commitment led to the creation of the R.D.A System—a ground breaking system that serves as the very foundation for a healthier and fitter world. With their expertise and dedication, they have forged a path towards transforming lives and empowering individuals to achieve their fitness goals.

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