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Fitness Team

RDA for Business 

At RDA Strength Systems, our mission is clear.

Give every person the tools to become the greatest version of themselves physically, mentally, personally and professionally. 

Our vision is big, we want you to be a part of it.

We aren't just looking to change your company. We're looking at ways to change the entire global landscape of effective corporate

Health and Wellness.

Core Fitness


We work with leaders to provide them and their teams with world class exercise programming and lifestyle advice that has a profound effect on nearly every aspect of life.

Improved energy, increased productivity and higher confidence are just the tip of the iceberg. 

We've read the science and looked at the data, but we welcome you to see it for yourself by clicking the button below.

The problem

The lack of physical health isn't just a personal problem, nor is it just a professional problem. It's effect on the entire economy of the UK alone is over £40,000,000,000 a year. This makes it a global problem for individually, companies and the global economy.

the solution

Every month, new research highlights that exercise, in particular,  a combination of Resistance Training and cardiovascular, is just as, if not more effective than counselling, drugs, or therapy to tackle depression, mental health issues, injuries, illnesses and metabolic diseases. 

the system

We provide World Class exercise programming for ANY ability. We specialise in tailoring our programs to the environment your team has access to. 

Our programs are realistic, achievable and designed specifically to be able to fit into  busiest of lifestyles. We use fun challenges and a real community to help support the Journey

the result

Your team will feel a new vibrancy that will reflect in both their personal and professional life.

With a new found strength and fitness level, your team will experience new levels of confidence, energy, focus, productivity and wellbeing. These results will also be associated with the workplace as a whole, creating an attractive environment and brand loyalty.

What you get with The RDA System
For Business

The RDA System for business is adapted and curated specifically for YOUR team. We strive to provide you with the best workouts and most relelvant content we have to deliver the best results. It is ever evolving as we work towards a stronger future.

Workout Lesson

Bespoke Exercise Programming

Your team will get access to workout programs based on the equipment you have available, or the closest gym facility. 

Every level from complete beginner to advanced fitness enthusiast is catered for

Master Classes

In our ever expanding "On-Demand" library you will find masterclasses on posture, breathwork, mindset, habit creation and much more. These will be from Coaches Josh and Jack plus there will be links to specially selected media that we think fits your teams needs.

Self Assessment

Everyone will be given the tools to self-assess their lifestyle posture and movement if they wish. With this information they will be better informed to pick the correct program from our program library.

Nutrition Tips

Adapting a famous quote here, we don't give people fish, we show them how to fish. We give everyone the tools to understand nutrition and how to work out what they could benefit from eating. Our app integrates with MyFitnessPal and Chronometer so everything can be seen in one place!

Community Challenges

Within the community forum we deploy the most inclusive challenges where everyone is on an equal playing ground. It encourages consistency, adherence and autonomy.



From time keeping to task  prioritisation and from sleep routines to stress management, our Lifestyle enhancers will help to optimise the day to day whilst avoiding the common pitfalls like overworking and overthinking.

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