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Unleashing the Power of Purpose: Why Understanding Your 'Why' Fuels Unstoppable Results

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

I work in an industry that places utmost importance on achieving results. Everywhere I turn, whether it's gym walls or social media accounts, I come across the same repetitive slogans day in and day out. I have been guilty of promoting them myself. You're probably familiar with phrases like, "Train with us if you want results!" or "We provide RESULTS focused training" (a classic one, indeed).

Now, don't misunderstand me; results are undeniably important. Without them, both I and many others in this business would be out of work. However, there is one question that rarely gets asked: WHY do you desire these results?

The realm of success is cluttered with outcomes that lacked genuine passion. Far too often, people prolong their journey to accomplishment because they don't truly desire what they initially set out to achieve.

This is a realisation I've had regarding my own success in the fitness industry and life in general. I frequently pursued goals I believed were necessary, like "I need to run a marathon" or "I need to own a massive house in the city." Yet, I pursued these outcomes with half-hearted enthusiasm and found myself unsatisfied. It wasn't until I shifted my perspective that I discovered the true driving forces.

Let me be clear: I'm not suggesting that results are unimportant; they certainly matter. However, results without genuine desire will always remain elusive. Before embarking on a goal, we must understand the underlying reasons behind our aspirations.

Simon Sinek's Ted talk (displayed below) played a significant role in helping me comprehend this concept. Yes, the talk primarily focuses on inspiring customers to believe in a business, but it also applies to fostering personal belief when working towards something. As Sinek aptly titled his book, we must "Start with why" to maintain unwavering dedication to our cause.

By understanding the motivations behind our desired results, we make it significantly easier to invest the necessary effort in achieving them.

Josh P

Co-Founder of R.D.A Strength Systems

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