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Can a Lack of 'Extracurricular Activities' be Linked to Memory Decline as we Age?

Sex is not only a pleasurable experience but also a means of deep connection and procreation. Recent studies have revealed that the benefits of sex may extend beyond reproduction, pleasure, and love.

Researchers at Penn State conducted a study to investigate the potential correlation between reduced memory function and sexual function. By analyzing survey-based data from 818 men aged 56-68, they discovered a possible connection between poor erectile function, sexual satisfaction, and memory decline.

The study went beyond examining the number of sexual partners or the frequency of sexual activity. It delved into the individuals' emotional relationship with sex and how they felt about their sexual encounters. The findings indicated that those with a poor relationship and low satisfaction with sex generally experienced a decline in memory.

While it's important to approach every study with caution, this research prompts further reflection. It seems that as people age, they may succumb to societal expectations and perceive their physical and sexual abilities as diminished. For some, engaging in sexual activity may even become taboo. However, it's increasingly evident that humans are social beings who crave connection, and a lack of it can have adverse effects on both mental and physical health.

What do you think? Should an assessment of our sexual activity and the perception of our sexual activity become apart of our health assessment’s as we age?

If you want my opinion, making love never does any harm when both parties are privvy to joy.

Josh P

Co-Founder of R.D.A Strength Systems

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