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We have a special offer ONLY for members of the NHS!

(Tip - Save this page on your bookmarks so you don't have to scan the QR code again!)

We are giving everyone in the NHS a huge 20% off FOR LIFE on the RDA App!

As coaches, we have had MANY interactions with NHS members in a professional capacity... but as PEOPLE, we have even deeper ties! 

Coach Josh has immediate family who are life long NHS Employees, and he himself worked in a hospital during the 2020-21 Pandemic. We hold the Key Workers in very high regard, so we are offering every one of you a 20% Discount FOR LIFE on the RDA system. 

This will come with it's own community forum as well as access to all current Studio programs PLUS all future additions. 

We understand the pressures and the time constraints that come with the job... so we've created programs to fit every timescale, ability and access to equipment, as well as providing resources on Stress, Sleep, Nutrition and much much more!

Click the button below to access your special discount and you can begin your journey straight away with a 7 Day Free Trial!!!

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